About Alexander Technique with Posture Plus in North London

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Alexander Technique with Posture Plus - Discover your bad habits and learn how to avoid pain


Posture Plus was established by Laraine Feldman to provide a clear, simple approach to learning the Alexander Technique.

Laraine trained as an Alexander Technique teacher after a long quest to alleviate chronic pain caused by permanent damage to her back. Treatment only provided temporary relief and in desperation she turned to the Alexander Technique. She discovered that what she was doing aggravated her condition and was able to learn what not to do. Alexander Technique worked for Laraine and inspired her to set up Posture Plus.

"Posture Plus makes understanding the Alexander Technique easier" says Laraine. "It's quite logical and, when you’ve learnt the technique, it’s yours to use for life. Not only can Alexander Technique with Posture Plus enable you to alleviate your existing problems, it will help you to avoid new ones."

Laraine has been a qualified Alexander Technique teacher since 1996 and is a member of the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique. She teaches the Alexander Technique to individuals aged 12 and over. "There's no upper age limit – the oldest pupil I have taught so far was 85."

Alexander Technique with Posture Plus is based in Southgate, North London. To find out more call 020 8882 5134 or email info@postureplus.co.uk