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What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique offers practical self-help for a life without pain.

Everyone has poor habits and many of us suffer because of them. We have pain, we feel tense. And we all think we have bad posture. But what we really have are unconscious bad habits. Do you know how you get in and out of a chair? Do you know what happens when you work at your computer? Most of us don't. We just do it, somehow.

The Alexander Technique makes you aware of your habits and this allows you to change them. After all, you can only change what you're aware of. The Alexander Technique isn't a treatment or exercise. It's a re-education. A two stage process that unites your mind and your body. It's a proven technique that's been around for over 100 years.

The Alexander Technique works by re-establishing the natural relationship between your head, neck and back – the core of your body. It's basically getting your body in balance. This provides support for your limbs and creates the best structural environment for good breathing and organ function. The result - enhanced performance, improved co-ordination and the freedom of movement you had as a child.

There is a skill to the Alexander Technique and it can be learnt. Posture Plus offers lessons in North London and provides a simple, clear approach to the Alexander Technique.

If you want to learn the Alexander Technique with Posture Plus, call 020 8882 5134 or email [email protected].

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