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Why should I learn the Alexander Technique?

"One-to-one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain." – The British Medical Journal 2008; 337:a884

The Alexander Technique can alleviate and prevent muscle, joint and back pain. Backache is the most common cause of lost working hours and it isn’t just associated with the elderly. In today's technological world, children as young as 12 are suffering with back pain.

The Alexander Technique identifies habits that aggravate existing conditions and cause new ones. With Alexander Technique with Posture Plus aches and pains caused by tension and bad posture fade, you recover from injury faster and become more relaxed, yet more alert.

It's not just about pain. The Alexander Technique helps all of us to enhance our performance. The Technique helps you cope better with stress. You’re more in control of your own actions and, when you feel in control, you feel more confident. You’ll have improved balance and poise. And better posture really does create a healthier, slimmer appearance.

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